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Fragrance layering tips for the novice
By pairing multiple fragrances on top of one another, you can create an entirely new fragrance that is uniquely you, or you can bolster your favorite fragrance by applying it in many different formats. 
Top 5 Best Body Oils at an Affordable Price
Body oils are having a moment in the beauty world and for good reason. Body oils are the world’s oldest skincare regimenNot only are they such a pleasure to apply, they also have so many benefits over lotions. But you already know all that! Without further ado, here’s our list for the Top 5 Best Body Oils that are Affordable:
5 Benefits of Body Oils Over Lotions

We know that botanical body oils are the oldest beauty regimen, dating back to 3500 B.C. With their luxurious feel, they are definitely a pleasure to apply! There are also some very good reasons to ditch your lotion for an oil.

Here are a few:

4 Ways to De-Winter-ize Your Skin
It's January. In most parts of the country you have to put on three layers of clothes just to leave the house. Here are some easy tips to abate the winter assault on your skin!
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