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Fragrance layering tips for the novice

Fragrance layering tips for the novice

What does fragrance layering mean?

Fragrance layering is the art of wearing two or more different fragrances together. By pairing multiple fragrances on top of one another, you can create an entirely new fragrance that is uniquely you, or you can bolster your favorite fragrance by applying it in many different formats. More on that below! 

But first, when did this popular trend of fragrance layering get started? 

The tradition of fragrance layering dates back as long as humans have used fragrance. In Mesopotamia, worshippers were required to purify their bodies through bathing and applying scented oils and perfumes before going for prayers. In the religious halls of history, priests, imams, rabbis and pujaris would all sprinkle perfume on temple walls and burn incense in their corners to create a serene atmosphere of worship. Can you imagine the smells of lavender oil wafting with frankincense smoke through those crowded halls? Perfume layering borrows from these ancient traditions. 

Why should you layer your fragrances?

Layering different fragrances gives you the opportunity to make a personal bouquet that is uniquely you. We know that fragrance smells different from person to person, but layering different fragrances takes personal expression a step further, allowing you to create a fresh canvas of scent every day based on your mood and the season. 

Are you going to a movie on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Try blending earthy notes like Patchouli and Sandalwood to compliment nature’s movements outdoors. Are you feeling sluggish on a Monday afternoon and need a pick-me-up? Apply Rose powder and top it off with Princess of Nerola, a citrus-floral blend that invigorates the senses. 

Aside from creating your own custom blend, layering fragrances also gives your scent more staying power. For this purpose, you’ll layer the same fragrance, such as Attar of Roses, using different formats- such as body oil, body powder, perfume oil, and perfume spray. After the vapors from the perfume spray wear off, the fragrant oils persist, interacting with your skin’s sweat glands for a sustained release throughout the day.

Tips for layering your fragrances

There is no right or wrong way to layer fragrances. But if you need a little guidance to get started, we’ve got you covered!

  • Apply the heaviest fragrance first, and layer lighter ones on top. For example, if you are using a bold perfume spray like Wanderlust with lots of tenacity, use fragrance layers that interact well with Wanderlust’s earthy Patchouli note, such as Sandalwood Dusting Powder or Santal Body Oil. 
  • Apply different types of product for a more persistent scent. As we mentioned above, use a variety of products such as perfume spray, body oil, body powder, or body butter. Each different product releases scent at its own pace. Vapors such as sprays will be strong at first and fade faster than oils, which are lighter but persist for longer on the skin. By layering different types of products, you can ensure that your fragrances will linger and evolve over time.
  • Always incorporate a moisturizer. Perfume has a hard time sticking to dry skin, causing it to fade quickly. Make sure your skin is moisturized with a scented body oil or body butter before adding a perfume spray. 
  • Start with fragrances in the same olfactory group. Pair Rose Dusting Powder with Moonflower Perfume Oil. Or pair woodsy Santal Perfume Spray with Sandalwood Dusting Powder. 
  • Use contrasting scents for originality. Vanilla adds a sweet creaminess- especially to woody scents. Citrus adds brightness to any floral. Check the chart below for ideas about complimentary scents. 
 Fragrance Blends well with
Attar of Roses Sandalwood, Princess of Nerola, Vanilla, Egyptian Musk, Frankincense & Myrrh, Amber
Celt Sandalwood, Santal, Patchouli, Wanderlust, Eau de Provence
Eau de Provence Sandalwood, Santal, Tonka Samba, Vanilla Bean, Frankincense & Myrrh, Amber
Princess of Nerola Rose, Attar of Roses, Gardenia, Moonflower, Tiare Tahiti, Frankincense & Myrrh, Amber, Fuji Musume
Sandalwood Santal, Celt, Attar of Roses, Tiare Tahiti, Tonka Samba, Vanilla Bean
Tiare Tahiti Moonflower, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Santal, Tonka Samba, Vanilla Bean
Tonka Samba Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood, Santal, Frankincense & Myrrh, Amber
Vanilla Bean

Sandalwood, Santal, Rose, Attar of Roses, Eau de Provence, Princess of Nerola, Tiare Tahiti, Amber

Have fun experimenting with the infinite combinations!

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