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Perfume Notes

A Gift from the Magi: Why was Frankincense so Valuable?

We often hear about Frankincense & Myrrh during the holiday season as it relates to Biblical history. As the story goes, three wise men brought to newborn Jesus, gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. We all know that gold still is valuable, but few know that frankincense & myrrh were just as valuable as gold 2,000 years ago.

Sensual Vanilla- the World's Oldest Aphrodisiac
Elusive, sensual, and irresistible, vanilla has all the characteristics of a modern aphrodisiac. Whether you prefer to eat or smell vanilla, you are savoring one of nature’s most complex and rare plants.  Here are a few facts to get you excited about vanilla.
The Everlasting Rose in Myth and Legend

Ahh the everlasting rose! Love it or hate it, the rose is probably the world's most loved flower. And so classic! How did all this rose mania start?

Soliflores: A Return to Restful Symplicity
Soliflores, or single note fragrances, were all the rage during the 19th century. Back then, most fragrances could be classified into 7 olfactory families. But by 1945, due to advances in perfumery compound design, modern perfumery took over with vague, mood-centric compositions like Jicky by Guerlain (1889) and Chanel No. 5 (1921). 
The World's Favorite Herb: Lavender's Fascinating History
From ancient times, lavender has played a role in the practical and fantastical history of humanity. Called ‘spikenard’ or ‘nard’ in the Bible and other ancient texts, the popular herb’s name was originally derived from the ancient Syrian city of Naarda, where it was exported to Greece.
The 2000 year history of Tiare Tahiti
Simple and elegant, Tiare flowers are used to make leis, flower headdresses, and fragrant spa treatments. But the history of this dainty little flower can be traced back over 2000 years when it was used in an ancient beauty secret.

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