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The 2000 year history of Tiare Tahiti

The 2000 year history of Tiare Tahiti

Ahh Tahiti

Nestled in the group of South Pacific islands that make up French Polynesia, Tahiti is a sight to behold. The island itself is an ancient volcano, a 400-square mile landscape of rugged mountains, stone temples, coral reefs, and breathtaking black and white sand beaches. The epitome of tropical PARADISE, Tahiti offers coconut cocktails, electrical blue water, and intoxicating flowers.

It's hard to picture Polynesia without its characteristic fragrant flowers, from stunning headdresses to leis. The essence of Polynesia is a beautiful dark haired woman swaying to a soft drum with a flower tucked behind her ear.

Monoi de Tahiti

A perfect blossom of five petals in pink or white with a sweet scent you can pick up at a distance. Simple and elegant, Tiare flowers are used to make leis, flower headdresses, and fragrant spa treatments. But the history of this dainty little flower can be traced back over 2000 years when it was used in an ancient beauty secret.

Indigenous Polynesians made "Monoi de Tahiti" by macerating the delicate petals of the Tiare blossom in coconut oil. The oil was a rich beauty potion used to protect skin that is exposed to the tropical elements of sun, sea, and sand. It was applied to a newborn baby's skin, to surf boards, and as an embalming oil to ease the journey into the afterlife.

Fragrant as it is beautiful

A distant cousin of gardenia, the flower has a powdery tropical palette of peaches and cream against a backdrop of musky jasmine. Reminiscent of a warm summer breeze, Tiare brings a grounding, subtle, elegant element to your garden or perfume collection.

Experience this ancient tropical flower in our Tiare Tahiti Collection, or go behind the scent to learn more.

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