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Beautiful scent

Smells exactly like Tiare flowers on the bush!
Wears well with my body chemistry, the perfect amount of scent. Not over powering but I can still smell the following day.
Very happy with my purchases and cursotmer service. I ordered several scents and one of my roller balls was damaged. Within the hour I received a message back with the problem solved. I will absolutely return to this company!

Amber Perfume Oil
gladys miranda
Quite Strong

I'm on the fence about this one. It's very strong and sweet. I do enjoy it better after its been sitting on the skin for a while.

Tonka Samba Perfume Oil
gladys miranda
Very Nice

I bought the gourmand smell set and this is by far my favorite of them. The vanilla and amber are ok. This one is just so lovely. reminds me of a summer day, it's warm and complex. The smell lingers for a while. I will definitely purchase this one again.

It's OK

When you first roll it on it smells very chemically. My husband said- it smells like restroom cleaner. After rubbing into the skin, it becomes a warm vanilla smell. I was trying to find a more affordable dupe of Nest's Madagascar Vanilla. This is not it, but it is ok. Still on the fence if I would purchase again.

Wonderful product

I recently purchased Tanka Samba oil and I'm glad I did. The scent is very soothing for me. I'd rather put an essential oil on my skin vs. a chemical filled, fake scent. I chose to purchase a full size product after receiving a sample with my first order. There is a sample size of 5 scents you can buy to try. I purchased that, ($10) so that I could explore other scents. Overall, I give this business an excellent rating because of the quality of products, customer service, shipping speed and overall great experience.

Wonderful Fragrance

I just feel so joyful and youthful when I wear this fragrance. It's very fresh and uplifting. Makes me feel like wearing a pretty flowy dress with a garland of flowers in my hair and dancing.

Wonderful Blend

I just love this blend. I like to wear it at night to bed because it is so calming and soothing. I feel like I can float away to France in my dreams when I wear it.

So Lovely

I don't know the right adjectives to describe it but it's just a beautiful scent that isn't overpowering.

Sandalwood Perfume Oil
Kathleen L Bellinger
Love them

Love the sandalwood powder and oil!

Found two in the pack I like

I am very sensitive to sents. But I tried the sample pack and found two that I liked the smell of. Most of the scents I didn't have a reaction to, so that was nice.

Comforting and Soothing

I selected the Tonka Samba perfume oil after exploring the discovery sample set. The scent is soft, subtly sweet and long lasting. It’s a comforting and soothing fragrance that is especially great for me during the early days of my moon cycle - a time in which I reach for more support via my senses.

Attar of Roses Roll On

I love this scent! Makes me feel great and I catch myself smelling my wrists throughout the day. My husband loves it, too. He always comments when I have it on.


Herb&Root is my new destination for non-talc powders. Looking long and hard, and about time I got over missing Johnson's Baby Powder! Gold Bond is a classic, but without a lovely scent. Burt's Bees, better scent, but still not much. Happy to have one each of Herb&Root's Rose, Lavender, and Sandalwood. The people behind it seem like good folk, and I'm glad to support this kind of small business and these kind of people.


The oil is not heavy has a very lovlely smell of Lily of the Valley, not strong just pleasant and stays with you for a long time. I love the roll on feature n slashing or dosing and using too much. Love it!

Very Happy with Purchase

My first order was misdirected and lost, I may have been at fault, but they replaced it with no hassle. I am so happy they did - I really wanted to love them because they are cruelty free and a small family business. And I do; love them that is. The products are perfect and the scents I am trying are all lovely. Attar of Roses is my favorite so far.

Scent Exploration

I decided to invest in the sample set to explore more of their blends. I ordered Amber, Frankincense and Myrrh, Vanilla Bean, Princess of Nerola, and Tonka Samba.

Surprisingly, the one I enjoyed the most is Tonka Samba. I don’t recall if I’ve ever experienced this scent before, yet it reminds me of coconut with a bit of vanilla. The scent lasts, yet it’s not overwhelming.

I was inspired to mix Tonka Samba with Celt (an oil I purchased previously) and it blends together beautifully on me. Thank you!

Springtime is in the Air!

I love the fresh floral scent!!


Was well protected for shipping.

Perfume samples

Good variety to choose from, nice fragrances. They didn't elicit an allergic reaction as some do. Thank you.

Absolutely lovely <3

I've been on a huge perfume kick lately. So far this Lily-of-the-valley is my favorite "springtime-femme" scent, because it's so simple it's really all you need! If I am in the mood to layer, it goes great with Moonflower. Moonflower is Tuberose and Gardenia, so when you add Lily-of-the-valley to it it's like all part of the same olfactory "family" so to speak? Like an analogous color scheme in painting, dainty blues and greens blending into turquoise on your skin, or like three little bells ringing in perfect harmony. (Shut up it's perfumery, I'm allowed to get flowery lol)

Point being, I love it, I'm buying it forever <3

Rose Dusting Powder
Dianne Decker
great non talc powder!

this powder is the safe answer to dusting powder-the smell is wonderful as well

So in love with this scent!

Fantastic scent. I was surprised by how much I liked this one. I'd never smelled oakmoss before, and from the description I kind of expected this perfume to smell like dirt. I bought it out of curiosity anyway, in large part because my family is Celtic, but it's actually an incredibly clean scent! It almost smells citrusy to me. "Crisp" is precisely the word for it. Definitely going to refill this one when it runs out! (Unrelated side note/fun fact, Celtic is pronounced Keltic, not Seltic. So this perfume is "Kelt," not "Selt"! My name starts with a Celtic C, so this common mispronunciation is a bit of a sore spot for me, haha.)

Earthy and Inviting

I LOVE this powder. Discovered it when I was looking for a replacement for my powder that contained talc. The smell is light, clean and a little seductive.

Love it!

I recommend this to everyone.

Fragrances weaker?

I love H&R oils, and will continue to buy them. I've found the blend of fragrance oils that make a signature scent both me and those around me enjoy. However. I've noticed with the last couple orders that the fragrances are noticeably weaker, especially Egyptian musk. Not a deal-breaker for me, but hopefully it doesn't continue.

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