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Moonflower Perfume Oil
Noula Karaszi

I was amazed with how fast my order came in! When I read the description about Moonflower it stood out to me in such a way I had to get it. With this first order of mine I will say that perfume oil is a much better alternative than the standard perfume. The scent lasted longer on my skin and I was getting compliments in public. I can describe the Moonflower smell as an ancient flower. There really was no comparison for there wasn't a flower that dense with a heavy floral impact. I applied this perfume oil on moisturized and also dry skin. Both were the same effects and I had no skin reactions. If you want to give Moonflower a go, do it! The compliments you will get from females is expected and if males follow you around. Don't get creeped out, one of them paid for my Starbucks. It's that type of perfume that attracts both of the sexes mysteriously. I even watched a documentary on Moonflower just to learn about it's origins!

Great Customer Service

Wonderful Customer Service!!! I have enjoyed the perfume oils and dusting powders. Attar of Roses is beautiful and authentic, as well as, Frankincense and Myrrh. I am sensitive to synthetic smells and ingredients. These products are effective and beautiful.

This smells and tastes great

I bought on a whim when my partner made a Honey comment and can’t wait to give her a massage with this. I love the shaker top and the glass bottle. Quality product. This should be fun.

Vanilla Dusting Powder
Pamela Rinando

Great. The smell is nice and gentle. I enjoy all the products.

Jasmine Dusting Powder
Pamela Rinando

Great. Nice smell.

Amber Perfume Oil
Sherry Hart
Love it!!!

I have used another brand of essential oil roll on fragrance for years, but l think Herb and Root is wonderful! Love the sensual Amber scent! Nice thick roll on, soft and subtle, but lasts all day❤️ l just ordered the "sampler" offer to try out five more scents...what a great idea, to find what works with each person's body chemistry. When l find which other scents l like, l am sure going to order the full size! Thanks, great product!

Rose Dusting Powder
Mary Konieczny
Lovely Rose scent

The rose dusting powder has such a wonderful scent. A natural sweet and delicate rose scent. The powder is quite effective at absorbing moisture.

Amber Perfume Oil
Ruth Campbell
Rating of Amber perfume oil

I am never tired of this scent. It relaxes me, makes me feel one with myself.
I have tried a lot of perfumes and oils, and this is the best.

Dusting Powder Trio
Minna Miettinen
I have not receive my order.

Dear Sirs! First time ever I order from you. I live in Finland and I looking for those products so long what I find from you. I really hope that I can get my order very soon. I would like to order more same products to my mother in law. Yours, Minna Miettinen #4931


I got hooked on this Tahitian scent when I went to Tahiti in 1982. I have never found a scent close to it until now. LOVE IT!!

Dusting Powder Trio
Shavon Miller
Perfect Combination of scents and oils

I enjoy using the powders and oils everyday. The scents smell very natural and amazing!

Great Smell!

I really love the scent and it does a great job keeping me dry.

s always loved it!

Love it!!

Sol Face Elixir
Janet Green
Awesome product

Absolutely love it!!!

Holy moly! Princess Nerola is heavenly!

This smells so good I'm warning you it's aphrodesiac!

Lavender Dusting Powder
Pamela Rinando

I have used all three powders and love them.. i use all this companies products I love them.

Get stopped for smelling good!!!

I actually get asked what am I wearing because I smell so good, I love this scent

Love it!

Once again, Herb & Root delivers. Love the powder!

Lavender Dusting Powder
Theresa Packard
Great product

LOVELY scent talc..arrowroot . Very nice ..will definitely shop here again.

Moonflower Perfume Oil
Pamela Rinando

I love the product. I use all the products from the company. I enjoy them.

Bath & Body Oils Trio
Dawn Patterson
Sensorial Delight

These body oils deliver a complete sensorial experience that envelop you in luxury!


The oil is so versatile and the wonderlust is dreamy. I use it on my body and the ends of my hair. Feels great smells great and free from toxic substances 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺💗💗💗💗

Vanilla bean review:

I love the product. I use all of this companies products. I alternate them every day.

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