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Techniques to make your perfume last longer

Techniques to make your perfume last longer

Wish your pricey perfume would just last a little longer (who wouldn’t)?  It’s all about HOW you apply perfume to make it last.

1. Apply to your bare skin. Not only is applying perfume in the nude a fun time, it also helps the perfume last longer! The skin absorbs oil better than most fabrics. So make sure when you’re applying perfume you’re not wasting it by applying it to your clothes.

2. Apply to pulse points or anywhere the skin heats up. As the skin heats up, it releases sweat and salt, and with it, any perfume that you just applied to that area. That’s why its best to apply perfume where your skin is likely to heat up. Need some ideas?

3. Keep your skin moisturized. This one makes sense when you think about it. Like is attracted to like. Therefore if you are applying a perfume oil, it’s best to apply it to hydrated skin. The perfume oil will stick more to the surface of the skin instead of sinking down to the lower levels to replenish moisture levels.

4. Apply perfume after a shower or bath. The steam from your shower or bath opens the pores up, enabling the scent to stick the skin better.

5. Use perfume oils, not sprays. It goes without saying here at Herb & Root that we’re fans of the good old fashioned perfume oil. There are many reasons to prefer perfume oil over spray, but one of the best is that perfume oils last longer on the skin. Sprays are alcohol based and dissipate into the air. Perfume oils are slow to break down and are ideal for dry skin.

6. Layer, Layer, Layer. Extend the life of your perfumes by layering with different products. We suggest a Bath & Body Oil for all-over fragrance, layered with a dusting powder, and a perfume oil. Or try our layering set!

Want to learn more? Check out this article on how skin chemistry affects the way your perfume smells!

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