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5 Major Differences Between Perfume Oils and Sprays

5 Major Differences Between Perfume Oils and Sprays

Roll-on perfume oils are less popular than standard spray-ons, but they are perfect for those who don’t want to walk around in a cloud of perfume. If you’re the type of woman who enjoyed Chanel No. 5 before she started smelling it on every woman who walked down the street, then a more exotic perfume oil may be just for you.

You’ll notice a couple glaring differences when you try a perfume oil for the first time. Here’s what gives on the difference between oil and alcohol based perfumes.

1. Application

One reaction to perfume oils is that they aren’t as “strong” as the alcohol types. This is perception based on throw. Alcohol perfumes spray into the air. When the alcohol lands, it touches down on your hair, clothes, and skin, and the rest dissipates in a cloud of fragrance behind you. As you wear it, the alcohol continues to have throw as the alcohol dissipates into the air. This means that your boss, coworkers, and the waitress at the restaurant can smell your perfume before they are close enough to have a conversation with you.

2. Perfume Oils don’t have that throw.

That’s because they are in a base of oil, which sticks to wherever you apply it. If you apply it to your neck and wrists, only those close enough to your skin will be able to smell it. Since a perfume oil only occupies your personal space, you are the primary recipient of its pleasurable smell, and you won’t have to offend those around you if it’s not their cup of tea.

3. Scent Endurance

Although they seem “strong” at first, spray perfumes evaporate into the air within 2-3 hours. Such is the nature of alcohol. When combined with oxygen, it dissipates.

Perfume oils don't get away so easily. They stick on your skin for 4-5 hours, depending on the blend of fragrances. Perfume oils are activated by the heat of your skin, so they radiate outward as your skin heats up. That’s why you apply them to your pulse points. If you’re sweating, you’ll smell them more. And if you’re cold-natured, just apply them to areas where your body is the warmest.

4. Price

Designer spray perfumes are some of the most expensive personal care products out there. They also have the highest markup. The typical fragrance concentration in an alcohol perfume is 8-15%. The rest of the product is alcohol and fillers. You’re paying for the beautiful bottle that the perfume comes in, not to mention the box, and the designer name.

Perfume oils are more bang for your buck. Their fragrance concentration is 15-30%, and the rest is oil. A small amount is more concentrated and lasts longer on the skin. So why is the price typically lower for perfume oils? Perfume oils lack the status of designer alcohol perfume sprays. They don’t come in the glamorous bottles, and aren’t often advertised by modern beauties and celebrities. Perfume oils are more vintage, more classic.

5. Skin Sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin, you know that certain perfumes just don’t work with your skin chemistry. Couple that with alcohol and fillers, and you have a recipe for disaster. It goes without saying that alcohol based perfumes are highly flammable and may cause allergic reactions. Perfume oils are generally safer for sensitive skin.


Alcohol based perfumes have been around since the 14th century. Perfume oils were popular in ancient cultures dating as far back as 7000 BC, when the first cosmetic vases appeared. We have a saying at Herb & Root- “made by nature, tested by time.” We enjoy the indulgence, romance, and sophistication of products that have been used since antiquity. If it was good enough for the Romans and Baby Jesus, it works for us!

Next time you’re perusing the fragrance aisle or our website, note that you’re not buying the same type of product as you’ll see on department store shelves. There are inherent differences between the two. If you’re the kind of gal who prefers to wear a scent, rather than have it wear you, perfume oils might be your best bet.

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