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5 Reasons Why Perfume is the Perfect Gift

5 Reasons Why Perfume is the Perfect Gift

Don’t let the prospect of buying perfume as a gift overwhelm you. Gift giving should be about FUN! And we make this process a journey of fun and discovery that will help you think about your loved ones in a new light.

So why should you absolutely buy perfume as a gift? Well, here are five excellent reasons.

1. Options, options, options. Even if your recipient has a signature fragrance, who wouldn’t want another fragrance option? One can find so much joy in layering fragrances, or applying them when you normally wouldn’t (such as in the bath!). When it comes to fragrance, too much is never enough.

2. Choose based on personality. Is the wearer an outgoing energetic type? Classic and bold? Feminine and down-to-earth? Our personality quiz can point you in the right direction of a fragrance that best suits your gift recipient. At the end of the quiz, we’ll present you with the most likely matches for your recipient, so you can feel confident in gifting a variety of scents.

3. Surprise and delight! Even if your recipient is a loyalist who has worn the same signature fragrance since high school, this is an exciting opportunity to surprise and delight with something unexpected. Our multi-tasking products provide a new way to experience fragrance, and are drawn from centuries-old perfume recipes and exotic destinations. Delight your loved one with something new!

4. Handmade, natural, artisanal. Sure, you could get a set of perfume sprays from your local department store. Our store offers something different. Our oils are comprised of plant-based fragrances free of toxic chemicals. These are natural artisanal oil blends that evoke a sense of the exotic and the outdoors. This is the way fragrance has been enjoyed for millennia!

5. A simple, quick, effortless shopping experience. Don’t worry about traveling to the department store and being inundated by sales associates asking questions and trying to make a sale. Shop here, in your own time, in the comforts of your pajamas. Select a gift wrap option and a handwritten note at checkout. Gift giving has never been so easy!

Want to mix and match some different options? Check out our gift sets.

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