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Self-Care- 3 Health Benefits of Pampering Yourself

Self-Care- 3 Health Benefits of Pampering Yourself
We know self-care and pampering feels good. Yet we never seem to make time for it.
Whether it's guilt, other priorities, or simple forgetfulness, it's time to take pampering
seriously- for your health.
Next time you find yourself making excuses NOT to, remember these three
health benefits of pampering yourself.

1. Relax from stress

It seems like we’ve all been there. Stressed. Out. We're constantly under pressure
to do it all, and when we can't do it all we feel guilty. Our modern rushing
around seems so necessary, yet so unnatural.

And it is. Chronic stress causes a wide variety of health problems, such as high blood
pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

What’s the best way to combat stress? Slow down, focus on the present,
take care of your mind and your body. (aka pamper yourself). Give or receive a massage.
Do some yoga. Or my favorite, the timeless Art of the Bath.

La Femme

2. La Femme

She’s sexy, confident, and feminine. She’s La Femme. We all have her inside of us. And
she tends to come alive right after we’ve had a salon visit, gotten a pedicure, or taken a

But let’s talk about the psyche of bringing out La Femme. She’s confident, assertive,
PERSUASIVE. She’s your special power.

So is La Femme good for your mental health? Yes. Good for your sex life? For SURE!
Good for your love relationship? Absolutely. Unleash La Femme with some self pampering!

Me time

3. ME time

Women are often guilty of not taking time for themselves. We put our children, our
relationships, our jobs first. And after that long lineup of priorities it’s very difficult to find time
for yourself!

Spending a healthy dose of ME time will help you function better. Alone time encourages self-reflection,
putting your problems in perspective, and resting the mind.

My favorite ME time activities are walking, and ­- you guessed it­ - taking a bath. I try once a
week (usually on Sundays) to take a long walk, and finish the day with a long bath. No
phone, no computer, no stress. Just me and my oils. :)

Next time you make an excuse as to why you're too busy to pamper yourself, think about
how it’s good for your health. Think about a long happy life.

Looking for ideas for a little DIY spa day? Learn about 5 DIY Foot Soaks for Tired Feet.


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