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5 Resolutions Worth Keeping

5 Resolutions Worth Keeping

Resolutions. We all make them and break them, but we generally feel the most guilt about breaking important resolutions involving our health, especially as the years start adding up.

To help turn the focus on your health, we’ve put together a list of five resolutions that will improve your skin and health from the inside out.

#1 View your workout with excitement.

 Did you know that a good workout cleanses your pores, increases your metabolism and improves your mood? Well it does, and when you think about how little it costs to take a brisk jog, or a nice bike ride, or even do a few crunches, we like to think of it as the ultimate low cost beauty therapy session.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you did it, a good workout improves your confidence on many levels while keeping you beautiful and young. Considering your workouts as an official part of your “Beauty Program” is one extra way to give your resolution a fighting chance.

#2 Schedule bath or spa time

No matter how you cut it, a bath, time in the sauna or spa, or just a nice hot shower, does a great job of relaxing, and cleansing away your stresses. Babies love it, rulers and people of all time have prized it as a valuable activity. Take the time to make this part of your regular schedule.

Spas and Saunas are great treats, but for those who can’t afford such, a soothing warm bath with our luxurious scented oils will transport your mind and transform your body. We suggest Eau de Provence Bath & Body Oil to help you wind down after a long day.


#3 Vow to learn more about the word “natural”

Whether in the food your eat, the places you visit, or the things you do, go natural this year. Learn more about the things you eat (and drink for you wine lovers), and where they came from. Learn more about your wonderful body and how it works. Most of all, learn more about the things you buy and use everyday and how they affect the world around you. You will be surprised by the end of the year at how much you have learned, but most of all by how much it has changed you.

Check ingredients lists of products you use regularly for harmful chemicals. 

#4 Do a beauty audit

Check your bathroom vanity, makeup counter, and shower to learn more about what you use and how it is made. Look over the ingredient lists on all of the products you use regularly. If you see lots of names you don’t recognize (for example - words like parabens, BHA, DEA, petrolatum, triclosan, aluminum, PEG compounds, and sodium laureth sulfate), then you might want to educate yourself more on what these products are, how they work and how they might (or might not) be good for you.

Certain products still play to the child in us by using colors and dyes that are not beneficial to your skin and hair. Consider the effect these items can have and choose yourself first by going with time tested products and products that provide the reassurances of being ‘truly’ natural. Your long-term health will thank you.

Recent debate about harmful industrial chemicals include carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors raise the alarm across many folks who question exactly what they get when they buy mass produced products.

Be different, educate yourself.

Water is a precious resource. 

#5 Protect the environment around you

Yes, industrial chemicals are harmful to your health, but are they also harmful to the environment? Yes again.

Every time you use these products at the sink or in the shower, they enter the water system, where they resurface in our drinking water or in water that plants consume.

This environmental assessment doesn’t take into account the huge carbon footprint created by cosmetic companies that are not cognizant of water waste, packaging waste, and emissions to the environment either. The only way to curb waste in consumer products is to demand that companies do better.

For more information on cosmetic chemicals to avoid, see the David Suzuki Foundation.

Interested in learning more about self-love and pampering? Check out this article about the scientific health benefits to pampering yourself.

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