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Argan. Apricot. Grapeseed. Hemp. Kukui. Macadamia. Marula. All sexy oils. All different shades of gold and green. When I saw the oils lined up on my marble bathroom counter, it was like I had walked into a chamber of beauty secrets from ages past. They looked inspiring.


How they made me feel was even better. Slowly seeping into my skin, leaving behind a trail of beads of luminescence and sparkle. I was glowing! Can you believe they all had different properties? Some were great for face, some for body. Some for scrubbing, some for cleansing. Anti-aging, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant. Essential fatty acids, vitamins, protein.

They were also known for being extremely influential on the human psyche. Essential oils were used as incense for weddings in the world’s grandest cathedrals, and buried beneath pyramids in the tombs of the world’s most powerful emperors. Queens would demand perfumed baths, and kings perfumed pillows. They became so valuable they were traded as currency.

And so it began. My obsession with ancient oils, plants as medicines, and beauty as a ritual. This collection of products is curated from years of research into oils and plants, and travel to places where ancient beauty rituals still thrive like Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and India. 



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