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A Silky Luxurious Experience

Get ready for a serious upgrade to your beauty routine! 

Our dusting powders are delightfully talc-free, odor blocking, and soothing for dry, irritated skin. We use arrowroot and kaolin clay to absorb sweat and odor, oats and zinc to soothe irritation, and magnesium for long-lasting odor protection. 

An amazing compliment to layering your fragrance, or a light dash of fragrance on days you want to skip perfume. 


Lightweight fine particles of arrowroot powder leave the skin feeling velvety soft.  


Our talc-free formula is safe and gentle for masculine and feminine hygiene. 

Odor Blocking

Long-lasting odor protection that absorbs sweat and deodorizes, wherever you dust it.


Enriched with soothing oats to relieve rashes, itching, and irritated skin.

Freshen Up Everything!

- After shower or bath, moisturize with body oil and then finish with a dash of dusting powder for buttery soft skin.

- Apply to prevent chafing.

- Use as a dry shampoo.

- Sprinkle over sheets, shoes, and carseats, to keep them fresh.

- Sprinkle on your PETS! (They deserve a little pampering too!)

Available in Three Irresistible Fragrances

$ 15.00
$ 15.00
$ 15.00
$ 42.00
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