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How to Use Our Dusting Powders

Use as a deodorant

Sprinkle a small amount of powder onto your hand, powder puff, or powder brush. Gently brush the powder onto your armpits, chest, or anywhere else you experience body odor, for 10 seconds until fully absorbed into the skin. 

Freshen up after bathing

After shower or bath, make sure your skin is completely dry before applying powder. Sprinkle some powder into your hand, powder puff or powder brush. Rub it onto the skin, ensuring the powder is evenly spread and worked into the skin. 

Sprinkle on your sheets

Sprinkle our dusting powder on your sheets before bed for a soothing fragrant night’s rest. Pull the covers back, revealing your sheets. Sprinkle bits of powder over the area where you will be sleeping. Use your other hand to rub the powder into the sheets until it’s a smooth layer of dust. Dust your sheets in the morning before making your bed for extra freshness!

Use as a dry shampoo

It’s best to apply powder to hair using a small applicator brush. Get some powder on your bristles and then dab the scalp area, avoiding part lines. Next, use your fingertips to rub the powder into the scalp and tousle the hair so the powder is evenly incorporated. Brush and style your hair as normal. 

Prevent chafing

Apply powder to areas prone to chafing. Sprinkle some powder onto your hand, powder puff, or powder brush. Gently rub the powder into the skin for 10 seconds until it is fully incorporated. 

Control foot odor

Sprinkle a small amount of scented powder to your shoes and socks before putting them on. You can also apply directly to your feet by sprinkling the powder onto your hand or powder puff and gently rubbing the powder into the feet for 10 seconds. 

Remove sand

Bring your powder to the beach to remove stubborn sand from your body and hair. Simply sprinkle the powder into hands and rub it onto areas where the sand is caked on. The powder removes moisture from the skin, allowing for the sand to drop off.

Freshen up pets

If your pet is stinky between baths, sprinkle some powder onto a cloth and rub over their fur. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rub a clean towel over the fur to remove any excess powder.  

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