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Spiced Vanilla Glaze

Spiced Vanilla Glaze Massage Oil

behind the blend

Explore your partner in new and creative ways with a mesmerizingly provocative aphrodisiac massage oil

premium oil blend

Made with a blend of the top recommended massage oils by professional massage therapists. Sweet almond oil is slowly absorbed by the skin, leaving a silky texture ideal for rubbing stress out of tired muscles. Creamy coconut oil lends a decadent slip, and doesn’t stain the sheets.

infused with seduction

Each glass bottle is infused with a sultry bourbon vanilla bean, an aphrodisiac used since ancient times to arouse the senses. With a sweetness that evokes the cozy pleasures or warm sweets, vanilla is one of nature’s most hypnotic scents.

warming with each touch

A sprinkling of island spices- cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom- heat the skin and improve circulation and blood flow. The combination of Vanilla and Spice is hard to resist!

deliciously edible

Dessert is served! This premium massage oil is steeped in 100% plant oils, is safe to taste, lick, and enjoy.

an ancient love-inducing tonic

Vanilla originates in modern Mexico, where the Aztecs had a long history of using the vanilla pods in a love-inducing tonic called Chocolatl, served after banquets along with tobacco cigars.

The Aztec Emporer Montezuma wasn’t a big eater, but he frequently enjoyed upwards of 50 cups of Chocolatl after a meal. His success in building a harem of ladies was attributed to this consumption.

Learn more about the history of vanilla

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