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Spiced Massage Oils

Golden drops of sweet almond oil and buttery coconut oil are steeped in a perfect symmetry of sweet and spice.

Premium Oil Blend

Made with a blend of the top recommended massage oils by professional massage therapists. Sweet almond oil is slowly absorbed by the skin, leaving a silky texture ideal for rubbing stress out of tired muscles. Creamy coconut oil lends a decadent slip, and doesn’t stain the sheets.

Infused with Seduction

Each bottle is infused with real botanicals- vanilla or crushed cocao- both aphrodisiacs used since ancient times to arouse the senses. Choose between rich chocolate or warm vanilla,  two of nature’s most hypnotic and irresistible scents.

Warming with Each Touch

A sprinkling of island spices- cinnamon and clove- heat the skin and improve circulation and blood flow.

Dessert is Served

This premium massage oil is steeped in 100% plant oils, is safe to taste, lick, and enjoy.

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