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Celebrate a day of love with these romantic scents.

Spiced Vanilla Glaze

One of the world's most invigorating aphrodisiacs since the days of the Aztecs, where King Montezuma was known to drink vanilla potion to remain vital.  This sensual, therapeutic (and edible!) massage oil features a whole bourbon vanilla bean infused in coconut and almond oils, and topped with Asian spices to heat the skin on contact. The perfect gift for a romantic night in. 

Attar of Roses

This classic perfume recipe from ancient India was first devised at a wedding feast of an emperor. In celebration of the new union, the city was covered in rose petals. As the newlywed royals rowed around the city's moat, they noticed the distinct aroma of roses, and an oily film had formed on the surface of the water. The first floral essential oil was made by the hot sun baking rose petals in water! The emperor had the rose oil bottled in a base of sandalwood, and he cherished it for many years to come as an intoxicating remembrance of his wedding day. 

Enjoy this classic combination in our Attar of Roses perfume oil, available in a handy roll-on with all day staying power.

Eau de Provence

Lavender, known as the soul of Provence, is the world’s most loved essential oil. This lovely purple herb has a calming fragrance that can relieve stress and headaches. In ancient times, a few dried lavender sprigs were placed between the bed sheets to keep couples happy and quarrel free. You can avoid dried plants in your bed and use this skin softening bath oil instead! Melt some of our Eau de Provence Bath & Body Oil into the skin for a soothing, comforting evening with the one you love.

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