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Perfume Oils Guide

Perfume oils sink into the skin, and as the skin heats up, the oil and essence release slowly. That’s why it is recommended to apply perfume to your pulse points- or wherever your skin heats up. You can focus on the neck and under the upper arm. 

Because perfume oils are more subtle than sprays, they are appropriate for shared office spaces or in close proximity to others. They are also very helpful if you’re exercising because they are activated as your skin heats up. They work great at the pool because oil is resistant to water, so you retain the scent that way. If you want to encourage sleep, apply a relaxing scent to your neck before bed. Anytime is a good time to apply perfume oils!

Apply as much as you like. Just be mindful that the smell will be stronger when your body heats up. They are so handy, you can always bring them with you and reapply when needed.

How to make your perfume last longer

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