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behind the blend

It has been said that lavender is the soul of Provence, its purple mountain fields stretching to the horizon, the herbal fragrance wafting to the clouds.

During the Middle Ages, a small town in the south of France called Grasse came to prominence for its high quality leather. But village residents were not pleased with the offensive animal odor that began to permeate the village walls as animal hides baked in the sun. 

The famous perfumer Gallimard had a remedy. Using Provence's natural crop of fragrant lavender, he dipped a pair of white leather gloves in lavender oil. The perfumed gloves were a gift for lady Catherine de Medici, a celebrity of the time, spurring a fashion trend of perfumed gloves that transformed Grasse into the perfume-making capital of the world.

Eau de Provence combines the timeless rustic lavender with Provence’s other famous crop, jasmine, and a hint of bergamot. A trio of soothing essences, perfect for a late night bath, or anytime you're looking for a calm repose from the harried world.

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Eau de Provence Perfume Oil
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