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Bespoke Perfume Events

Give your guests a gift to remember!

We know that fragrance clings to the memories, instantly transporting us to another place and time with a quick whiff of a familiar fragrance. What better way to capture the memory of your special event than by bottling the moment up in a lovely bespoke perfume rollerball that your guests can take with them!

Set Up

Our set up includes a display of our fragrances, fragrance tester trays, and ready-to fill bespoke rollerball bottles. Our display can be made to match the decor of your event. 

Dedicated Perfumer

We send a dedicated perfumer onsite to explain the different fragrances and blending techniques and guide each guest into creating their own bespoke perfume.

Blend and Enjoy!

Each guest leaves with a custom perfume blended onsite to enjoy and remember your event for months to come!


• Pricing includes 3 hour attendance at the event.

• Each guest is entitled to receive one bespoke perfume oil.

• Custom labels included.

• Custom bottles can be included for additional fee.

Let us know about your event!




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