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Eau de Provence


fresh-cut lavender, soulful jasmine, and a cheerful hint of Bergamot





lavare - verb Latin "to wash"


The Romans used lavender as an important step in the bathing ritual. It was so valuable that a pound of lavender was equal to a month's wages!

The Gift of Lavender

  • - women were presented with bouquets of lavender during childbirth to bring courage and strength
  • - using dried lavender sprigs between the bed sheets keep a couple happy and quarrel free
  • - using lavender bouquets throughout the house will protect the family and repel evil spirits

Behind the Scent

It has been said that lavender is the soul of Provence, its purple mountain fields stretching to the horizon, the herbal fragrance wafting to the clouds. Grasse, a small town in Provence, is called perfume capital of the world due to the intoxicating fragrance of lavender.


In the Middle Ages, Grasse was known for its high quality leather, but it had just one flaw, the hides’ offensive animal odor. Perfumer Gallimard had the remedy. He made a pair of perfumed gloves for Catherine de Medici that later became the fashion of the era, launching a perfume industry in the small leather-making town that gained worldwide prominence.


Our Eau de Provence collection combines the timeless essence of lavender with Provence’s other famous crop, jasmine, and a hint of bergamot. The artisanal blend makes for a soothing, sensual, and mood-lifting experience.