#shopsmall Holiday Gift Guide of Local Texas Artisans
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#shopsmall Holiday Gift Guide of Local Texas Artisans

Holidays are upon us once again, and this holiday season promises to be one to remember! With infections (I dare not say the CO-word!) rising across most states, it looks like many of us will be doing more online shopping than ever this holiday season. 

There are so many reasons to support small business.  Small businesses boost local economies, sell memorable handcrafted items, provide more personalized customer service, and usually give back to the communities they serve.  But if you tend to jump on large retail store Black Friday sales, or if you simply procrastinate and have to resort to shopping in person to get the gift on the way to grandma's (I've been there), 2020 is THE YEAR to #shopsmall and help keep these unique businesses going!

But how do you find your local businesses? I've taken the work out of searching so you can enjoy SHOPPING these unique items, all made by small businesses in Austin and other parts of Texas. Don't worry if you're not from Texas- you can still support these businesses and receive your package as long as you reside in the USA.

Your favorite town illustrated

These gorgeous prints really capture what people love about their hometowns. 

Each print is originally done in watercolor and ink by illustrator Sarah Baumann, then printed on heavy cardstock for framing. Sarah has cities from all over the US, and if you don't see your city, she might make a custom print for you. 

Click the image to visit her Etsy shop. >>>

Exotic Tea Club

Zhi Tea is a wonderful tea shop that blends and imports sustainably grown and processed teas from around the world. I used to visit their East Austin tea shop and drink in the incredible scents of their loose leaf teas on bulk display!

If you can't make it to their shop, they sell several gift sets on their website, including an exotic tea of the month club, which sounds fabulous!

<<< Click the image to visit Zhi Tea's website. 

Custom Portrait of your Childhood Home

Austin-based Angela Clemente Davidson is a graphic artist who specializes in gorgeous custom watercolor portraits of homes, a wonderful way to remember your favorite places!  

Click the image to visit her Etsy shop. >>>

Oils that whisk you away

(Not so) Shameless plug here. We're a small family-owned shop too! I was inspired to start blending perfumes after a life-changing trip to the Middle East in 2006. What started as a passion for the history of perfumery steeped in tradition and ritual turned into a lifelong journey to capture exotic, yet simple essences that bring joy to the everyday. We sell lots of fun oils and powders- giftable items that are sure to make the end of 2020 a little more enjoyable!

Check out our Gift Sets.

Baubles and Bling for Boss Babes

The Pivot Club is a jewelry subscription service catering to busy, professional women who love accessories but don't have much time to shop. They curate four pieces of hypoallergenic multicultural jewelry based on your tastes, lifestyle, and budget. Based in Round Rock, The Pivot Club is a black-owned business.

Click the image to visit The Pivot Club's website. >>>

A Spicy Health Tonic to Cure All

A shot of this spicy apple cider vinegar steeped in 10 organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs will cure a cold, boost your immune system, or curb sugar cravings. Their adorable flavored shots are the perfect gift for the health-conscious loved ones in your life! Owned by a real Tough Mother and veteran lady based in Pflugerville, TX.

<<< Click the image to Visit Tough Mother's website.

Engraved Family Tree

How cool is this?  Have your family tree engraved on an American grown, sustainably harvested wood slice to hang on the wall!  Made by a husband-wife team out of Austin, TX that also supports charity.

Click on the image to visit Marked Moments on Etsy. >>>

Cute Tea Towels

Fisk and Fern is a little paper and household goods business out of Austin TX. Their products include tea towels, tote bags, and fridge magnets that silly food characters, ranging from PB&J to margaritas! 

<<< Click on the image to visit Fisk and Fern's website.

Who doesn't love chocolate?

I can't think of many gifts I enjoy more than chocolates! Bob and Robin Williamson run SRSLY Chocolate, a bean to bar chocolate company based in Taylor, TX, using organic fair trade cacao from the Dominican Republic.

Click on the image to visit SRSLY chocolate's website. >>>

Imaginative Soy Candles

Luna Tigre has been rocking the local Austin artisan scene since 2014 with hand-poured soy candles in glass or aluminum. My favorite is the Arugula scent! 

< << Click on the image to visit Luna Tigre's website.

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