You Know Yuzu?
Fragrance Notes

You Know Yuzu?

America meet yuzu. One of the freshest, cleanest, most vibrant citruses on the planet. This little fruit has been touted in foodie chef circles as the next big thing to hit the US. And it’s not surprising why.

Key Yuzu Stats

  • Size: about the size of a tangerine
  • Appearance: yellow-orange, and wrinkly
  • Feel: not too juicy, but produces a tasty and fragrant zest
  • In Food: Meyer lemon meets mandarin orange meets green grapefruit
  • In Fragrance: tart, dry aroma that sparkles

The Dawn of Yuzu

Yuzu’s history can be traced 1200 years to origins in ancient China. It eventually spread to Korea and later to Japan, where it became an the most loved of all citrus fruits in Japan. Since the 8th century, Japanese farmers have been growing Yuzu for three purposes: cooking, bathing, and medicinal.

Yuzu ripens in November and December, when the fresh fruit is widely harvested for Yuzu baths, and tossed into gorgeous hot springs in Shikoku Island and Kyoto. Yuzu does its work as the hot water unleashes the fragrance and antioxidants from the peel. The Yuzu bath is a winter solstice tradition in Japan, believed to ward off winter illness, improve circulation, and bring peace of mind. It seems that science backs these beliefs, as yuzu peels have three times more vitamin C than lemons.

Yuzu Versus Other Citruses

Sure there are LOTS of citruses in the fragrance world. Citrus fragrances are so easily captured. They hide their aromas in the rind, so they can endure the heat and stress involved in making essential oils (unlike, say, Jasmine’s delicate floral petals). From Bergamot to grapefruit and lime, citrus notes play a central role in humanity’s greatest perfumes.

But Yuzu is special somehow. With the acidity of lemon or limes, and the sweetness of a tangerine, it’s almost floral. Bitter yet sweet, with a potent freshness that is undeniably uplifting. So bold, that it lasts well into the heart notes of a fragrance.

Perhaps this is why our Fuji Musume Collection, featuring the almighty Yuzu is one of our all-time best selling fragrances.